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Yoga In The Curriculum

Feel Flow Yoga is also available to teach in schools, as part of the school's daily routine.

The idea of having yoga in the curriculum and not just as an after school club, is that these lessons are tailor made to your school, and individual classes.

Lessons will be taught in small numbers, ensuring that all students get an equal opportunity of learning and developing through the practise of yoga.  We are able to hand pick which students will go in to which classes, thus keeping the dynamics of the class well balanced and evenly place.

By aiming to work alongside one another, Feel.Flow.Yoga. and the teachers of your school are opening doors of learning that don’t often get opened. We are giving the children of your school, the opportunity to learn and grow in a way that they perhaps might not get the opportunity to do so until they are adults.

Through participating in my classes, children will develop skills and learn of methods of how to heal, both physically and emotionally. I will foster curious minds through introducing fun games and activities, and they will learn how to meditate in a way that is most effective to them.

If you are interested in practising yoga at your school and for a full brief on Yoga in the Curriculum, please contact me on any of the given contact details found on my page.